CEMIS 700.

CARGOS 8000 700 9000

Close to hand and under control.

With the CLAAS CEMIS 700 terminal, you can control your implements independently of the tractor with load sensing comfort hydraulics and ISOBUS. CEMIS 700 combines a touchscreen with hard keys and a rotary/push switch for intuitive implement control. These different control elements together with the ergonomic design make for user-friendly operation and straightforward menu navigation. The terminal also features a colour display which can show images from up to two cameras.

Screen size7 inch12 inch
ISOBUS operation (ISO UT)UT 1 / UT 2UT 1 / UT 2
Operationkeys / rotary-push switch / AUX-O / AUX-Nrotary-push switch / AUX-O / AUX-N
Camera interfacesstandard (2)standard (2)

CARGOS 8000 700 9000

Flexible control.

All CARGOS dual-purpose wagons, as well as the CARGOS 750 and 760 BUSINESS, are equipped with load-sensing comfort hydraulics as standard.

They are centrally controlled via CEMIS 700 or a tractor with ISOBUS-compatible terminal, such as the latest AXION and ARION series incorporating CEBIS with ISO UT. The implement can also be controlled by other widely available ISOBUS terminals, e.g. the S10.

Operator assistance systems.

CARGOS 8000 700 9000


TIM SPEED CONTROL automatically controls the tractor ground speed according to how hard the CARGOS is working. This ensures constant, uniform crop flow, and optimum chop quality. By eliminating down times due to overloading of the loading assembly, it also maximises CARGOS productivity. TIM SPEED CONTROL significantly enhances user comfort. Settings can be adjusted to suit the crop conditions. Throughput-dependant forward travel control for CLAAS tractor-self-loading forage wagon combinations has been available since 2015. As from the 2020 season, the CARGOS will be able to control all AEF TIM-compatible tractors.


Automatic articulating drawbar control greatly reduces driver strain.

All CARGOS dual-purpose wagons come with a standard feature that allows three separate positions to be defined for the articulating drawbar – for loading, headlands and transport mode.

The unique automatic articulating drawbar control is optionally available for all CARGOS 9000 and 8000 models:

In loading mode, this feature ensures that the hydraulic articulating drawbar actively adapts to changing terrain and operating conditions, resulting in optimal ground-contour following of the pick-up and a consistent, uninterrupted flow of material.

Driver strain is reduced, throughput increased and pick-up wear minimised.

und die Pickup geschont.

Effortless removal of blockages.

The ability to lower the chopper housing comes as standard in all CARGOS dual-purpose wagons. Should a blockage occur, both the blade holder and chopper housing can be easily lowered from the control terminal (automatic lowering is an option). The clearance between the chopper housing and rotor increases as a result, which facilitates PTO drive shaft start-up and therefore allows the blockage to be cleared easily.

Unprecedented harvesting efficiency.

Mit TELEMATICS für die CARGOS Kombiwagen bietet CLAAS auch im Bereich Futterernte intelligente Systeme zur Optimierung

With TELEMATICS for CARGOS dual-purpose wagons, CLAAS offers intelligent systems for the forage harvesting segment to optimise harvesting processes and achieve greater capacity utilisation. Innovative software and electronics solutions ensure that you get the most out of your complex heavy-duty machinery by harnessing their performance efficiently. Key to this is active communication between the attached implement and the tractor.

Nothing escapes TELEMATICS.

TELEMATICS ensures that all recorded operating data such as working time, weights or the number of loads are directly processed, saved and evaluated by the PC. This also helps to optimise harvesting processes and ensures maximum machine capacity utilisation.